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wishbuuk International S.L. is a Spanish company with registered address in Madrid, Calle Espejo, no. 6, holder of Spanish Tax ID no B-8638093 and owner of the wishbuuk application.

Reading and understanding the Privacy Policy is important

This company provides the following information on the applicable Privacy Policy, as long as you authorize access to the application through Facebook.

By accepting access to your details by the application or when you enter any information directly into our registration forms, you clearly agree to all matters set forth herein.

The most important information is provided below. Each table includes additional information; you will be able to expand any information you want.

Your rights

You can exercise your rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition as set forth in regulations by sending us a written request to:

You need to include a photocopy of your ID or other official document that identifies you, as we must guarantee the safety of your information.

What personal information does wishbuuk use and for what

We shall mainly use your information found in Facebook which is necessary for wishbuuk needs to work. Service may not be provided otherwise. The information used by wishbuuk obtained from your profile includes:

  • Profile information, including name and email, lists of friends, gender and any other information provided to Facebook.
  • Information about your age and that of your friends.

We will also use your data to generate statistics, but always dissociated and aggregate data. There may be other purposes such as location or notices.

Your personal details and publicity

This Privacy Policy shall also be applicable to any information you provide through e-mail or specific forms in the application. The purpose of processing this data may be several: participation in competitions, submission of information, commercial communications of the company or third parties. The purpose of this data shall be established in each form.


This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time. In such cases, we shall notify you so that you can be aware of the changes and accept or reject them, as appropriate.

Doubts and Inquiries

Naturally, if you have doubts or inquiries on the protection of your data in wishbuuk, you can send us an email to We shall attempt to resolve your questions as soon as possible.

Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition

You can request access to your data, i.e.: we will report what data we have from you.

You can also exercise a right to rectification, for example if your details are incorrect: tell us and, if possible, we will change it.

You can oppose to us using your data for any specific purpose when it is not directly related to the main service of wishbuuk.

Finally, you can ask us to cancel your details. Please take into account that when you delete your wishbuuk through your Facebook profile, you details shall no longer be used by the application. However, any other data you have provided using forms or email in our systems will not be removed automatically.

What data does wishbuuk use and what for

wishbuuk works in the Facebook environment

wishbuuk is an application that works and operates through Facebook and is subject to the terms and conditions established by it. To become a registered user you need to accept that wishbuuk accesses certain information from your Facebook profile.

Your details in social networks

You need to control what you publish, you are exclusively responsible for this. wishbuuk shall not be liable for the collection or processing your data by third parties, including Facebook, which may obtain information from your profile, even if you update it from wishbuuk.

Information obtained automatically

When allowed by you, wishbuuk automatically obtains the following information from your profile:

  • Profile information, including name and email, lists of friends, gender and any other information provided to Facebook.
  • Information about your age and that of your friends.

As you use wishbuuk you will be adding personal information, including (but not limited to) your location, email, your username on Facebook and/or Twitter, your phone, birthday, products or services that you like, recommend or want, etc. These data shall not be stored; they shall only be used in the Facebook environment to provide content to the wishbuuk application.

We can also access certain information automatically. For example (but not exclusively) we can obtain data from your browser, your operating system, your mobile phone, IP address, services provider or network operator, as well as your browsing history through wishbuuk.

Statistics data

wishbuuk needs to use this information so that the application and its features operate correctly, and we shall also use it to offer improvements and so you can configure services, features, etc.

In addition, wishbuuk will use aggregate information on your usage of the application for the composition and generation of statistics. This aggregate information shall never include personal details, they shall be dissociated and without the possibility of identifying any users. These are statistics on traffic, product lists, etc.

Cession of data

Your personal data will not be provided to third parties without your prior and express consent. However, you should know that, as wishbuuk works in Facebook, it is possible that Facebook may update your user profile depending on your use of the application. We do not provide Facebook any personal information about you.


wishbuuk will send notifications through the application and its environment or through email.

However, should you select alerts to receive special birthday messages for your friends, you will be asked to authorize us to also send you an email. In this case, if you authorize us, you accept in accordance with these Policies, that we can send you email on birthday alerts for selected friends.

You can deactivate these alerts whenever you want and your email will stop being used.


In the event of any resources that allow it, and always depending on the configurations of your systems or terminal, we will also be able to access (when authorized by you) to your location at certain times. If not authorized, it will not be accessible and if you do, you can revoke them.

The purpose shall be exclusively to provide specific services related to location.

Collection of other data and purpose

Information obtained expressly

This Privacy Policy shall also be applicable to any information provided via email or specific forms in the application.

You can provide wishbuuk certain information through forms, for example, your email, age or your purchasing preferences.

Unless you specify otherwise when accepting the wishbuuk application through Facebook or at a later time, we can use your data to send you commercial communications through any means, including email or phone, that may be of your interest.

Competitions, draws and analogous activities

Any personal data or information provided in forms for participating in competitions, draws or other promotions shall be treated for promotional purposes. In this case, by accepting the sending of your information through such media, you expressly agree that your data may be used to send you information from wishbuuk by email or through Facebook.

Your personal details and publicity

wishbuuk is a free service and may contain publicity both in the application and its messages or through commercial communications. We will not transfer your personal details to any advertiser or any company. However, other companies or persons could access information that you share.

In addition, we will not send commercial communications, through any means including email or phone, if you have expressly indicated that you do not wish to receive this type of communication through the means that we establish.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

We may modify this Privacy Policy at any time. However, we shall notify you of any changes we make through suitable means (including the website or email). The changes shall be applied from the moment of the notice, if they do not affect the purpose and are compatible with the current activities.

On the other hand, should we establish fundamental changes regarding information gathering, its processing or cession, we would ask you for a new consent to process your data for these changes.

5. Things you can do with wishbuuk

You will have several options to access wishbuuk. Depending on the option chosen to access wishbuuk, you will be able to use all or part of the services and tools offered at that time.

1. User registration:

In order for users to try wishbuuk without registering, certain parts of the Application are accessible without having to register. However, you need to register in order to use all features. For this, you need to provide a series of personal details, and authorize wishbuuk to connect to your Facebook profile.

Wishbuuk is a social tool. Therefore, your profile image and your complete name may be public within the application, for all the registered users.

Wishbuuk has a section called "Top Users", where you can search through all users registered at any time.

You can follow your favourite shops or brands and search on their products, followers, etc. Remember that if you follow a brand or a shop, other users can be aware of this fact, as you will appear as a follower. You can also follow, within wishbuuk, other users that interest you, and other users can follow you.

2. Publishing contents:

wishbuuk includes areas that allow you to select your favourite products and services, and publish content such as photos, recommendations, comments… Any content you publish shall be available on Internet, which means other users can see, copy and use it. Be careful with the content you publish, and what you share through your Facebook or Twitter profiles: we do not supervise the details you transmit, nor are we liable for what other users may do of them.

By adding items to your wishbuuk, you are publishing information that may be protected by intellectual property rights. If you misuse brands, products or services, the owners may claim damages and losses against you. We shall not be liable for this. Therefore, please make a responsible use of wishbuuk.

To prevent abuse, we have installed a report button so that you can warn us of inappropriate content (see section 6.5), or so that companies can report on the inappropriate use of their brands or products. If necessary, do not hesitate to use it.

Any items you include in your wishbuuk lists shall be public for all users in the Application. Any registered user can access the profile pages of other users, and see the products selected by them and their comments, unless they have been added to a private list.

In order to add any products or services you wish to add to your wishbuuk that are already available in the Application, simply click on the “Add to my wishbuuk” button available on the description page, and they will be added to your favourites. Otherwise, don’t worry, you can add them very easily:

a) “Add to my wishbuuk" button

Some websites have integrated wishbuuk in their site so all you need to do is click on the corresponding button to add the item to your list.

b) "wishbuuk button" in browser.

We have developed an extension that can be installed in the toolbar of the most popular web browsers, to let you "catch" products while browsing the Internet and add them to your wishbuuk at anytime and from any website. The installation of this button is subject to a special license; do not forget to read it before using it.

c) Entering a web URL.

You can also add a product (or service) copying the complete web address on which it is published (URL), and pasting it into the corresponding application section. We will obtain basic information automatically and you can edit it to your liking.

3. Your location

wishbuuk may include a tool that gives you the opportunity to show your actual or approximate location in a map. This tool can also show the location in a map of any picture uploaded. When you pass by a specific place, this tool can also send you an alert and notifications of your interest.

That is why; sometimes we may ask you the permission to locate you.

What do we do with the location data? We do nothing else. We will never trace you. For further information we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy.

6. User obligations

1. You should be at least the minimum age set by Facebook for registering with them

To use wishbuuk you need to have a Facebook account. For instance, in Spain you should only have a Facebook account if you are under 14. If you have a false account on Facebook or violate its policies and Terms and Conditions, it is possible that you are no longer entitled to use a Facebook account, and as a result access your wishbuuk. You are the sole responsible for the consequences of registering under an age that is not adequate or false.

If you are under 18, we recommend you to ask your parents or legal guardians for their opinion about the Terms and Conditions and whether you may register or not. We need to know your real age because, depending on it, we will offer you the wishbuuk applications and services suitable to your age. By not giving us your real age, we may limit some applications or services that we consider unsuitable for your age.

2. As a User, you should always pay attention to the following:

a) Using wishbuuk and its features in accordance with the applicable legislation (especially the regulations on Intellectual Property rights as well as on personal data protection), as well as the moral and generally accepted good practices, the public order and these Terms and Conditions.

b) Using wishbuuk in a responsible way and according to the law.

c) If we make changes to these Usage Conditions or the Privacy Policy, review them: it may be important.

d) Check for wishbuuk notifications: they may be important to you.

3. You must respect wishbuuk and fulfil the following requirements:

a) You must always comply with the Terms and Conditions or any obligations assumed herein.

b) You must not breach any wishbuuk rights or interests, or of third parties, such as Intellectual or Industrial Property rights (patents, trademarks, copyright or any of our proprietary rights).

c) You shall not use wishbuuk to independently collect information and contents to render any service that, in our sole judgement, correspond to us or compete with us.

d) You shall not use wishbuuk for any economical or commercial purposes without the Company's consent.

e) You shall not introduce virus, worms, trojans or any other malicious codes intended to interrupt, distribute or limit the functioning of wishbuuk.

f) You shall not use any techniques of verse engineering and/or to decompile or to decode or use any other system to find the wishbuuk source code or any element protected under copyright or intellectual property rights.

g) You will not make any changes of wishbuuk in any matter what so ever.

h) You shall not do anything that could harm, disable, overburden, or impair the proper working of wishbuuk (or the networks connected thereto). You shall not interfere in any other User's use and enjoyment of wishbuuk.

i) You shall no carry out any action or use any means to simulate wishbuuk’s look and feel or function from any purpose.

4. When you register you commit to fulfilling the following obligations

a) You shall not create more than one user account in wishbuuk. You will not provide any false personal information on wishbuuk or create an account for anyone other than yourself.

b) You shall not use or attempt to use accounts of other users without their permission.

c) You shall be the sole responsible of all the activities carried out from your User’s account.

d) You shall keep your access data confidential. You shall be liable for any damage caused to yourself or third parties due to your breach of these Terms and Conditions. You shall also be responsible of your wishbuuk until your account is not cancelled or you evidence that the security of your account has been compromised for reasons beyond your control. In particular, you commit:

  • To keep your account up-to-date
  • To keep your password confidential.
  • To being the only person using your wishbuuk account.
  • Not to sell, market or transfer your account to anyone.
  • To not use anyone else’s account without his/her permission.
  • e) You are responsable for providing real data in your Facebook account, since we will use them for allowing you to access wishbuuk. We shall not be responsible for your access to any service or content if based on false data of your profile. We cannot warrant that the contents and services addressed to specific age groups are accessed by minors if they have provided false data on their age.

    5. Regarding the contents you publish and share, you shall assume the following obligations on wishbuuk:

    a) You shall not publish on wishbuuk any content that is unlawful, inappropriate, inaccurate, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory or offensive. Obviously, you shall not use wishbuuk to harass, abuse or harm other persons through the Application.

    b) Your will follow our Promotion Guidelines if you want to send direct marketing campaigns, deliver any advertisement or offer any content to other users.

    c) You will not post any inappropriate content or anything that violates this Terms and Conditions. wishbuuk will neither control or nor approve the content you post or provide through the Application.

    d) You are in all events responsible for all the content and you post or share on wishbuuk and the consequences arising thereof.

    e) If we are informed or become aware that you have infringed or violated any of the points listed above, wishbuuk may ask Facebook to block your access to the Application without any right to damages arising.

    Users Rights

    Provided that as a User, you comply with all the obligations, duties and commitments voluntarily assumed, we will grant you a limited right (neither conditioned nor subject to assignments nor sublicense), to access and use, through the platform or tool, wishbuuk and its services “as is” and “as available”. We may revoke this License at any time.

    8. Users Rights and Duties

    About wishbuuk’s availability and services

    We do our best to try to offer the services for long periods of time and to improve and expand them, in such manner that you may access them any time as displayed by and subject to their availability and limitations.

    wishbuuk shall not assume any obligation other than these Terms and Conditions. However, other particular legal terms may exist and, in such a case, they shall also apply.

    Rights reserved

    We reserve the right to amend, modify, replace, deny the access, suspend or limit part or all the servicers of wishbuuk at our sole discretion.

    wishbuuk reserves all rights and licenses not expressly granted to you in these Terms and Conditions.

    We also reserve the right to delete products, contents and/or user profiles that we consider, at our sole criterion, unsuitable, illicit, etc., either on request through reports received made with the report button, or from our own will.

    Third-party websites

    wishbuuk may contain links to third-party websites. We are not liable in any way whatsoever for the contents you have accessed and any cause of action derived from your access to external links to other pages.

    Furthermore, wishbuuk will not read and check any function, advertisement or any other content available in third party sites.

    Liability for your actions

    We shall not be responsible for the content you share in Facebook or Twitter through wishbuuk. Likewise, we shall not be liable if you breach any duty or commitments under these Terms and Conditions.